from monday, november 30
to sunday, january 31




Dusty Jazz A.S.D. (Swing Train Festival) presents THE SECOND EDITION of 'School Days - A Jazz Roots Academy', a Festival entirely dedicated to SOLO SWING DANCE!
A new experience focused on an original teaching program, different from a traditional workshop.?Prepare to go back to school during this week-end made of lessons with high level teachers and great parties with live music and DJ-Set.
Don’t WORRY! NO FINAL TEST, but it’s important to know that we would like to work hard to give fun, confidence and awareness to your dancing.

This is what we dreamed to write this year. But this moment requires wisdom and patience from all of us.
To keep up moral we decided to not miss the ROUTINE dedicated to the Festival. We want to provide grants to the Swing Community, hardly involved in these pandemic troubles.

This edition is presented and created by Katie Cobalt. Such an huge pleasure to collaborate with this amazing artist! Energy and the will of 'playing' with the music are the choreo topics. A well driven blues is the perfect feeling with the band. We are going to have FUN!

Along with the ROUTINE you can find a TUTORIAL with the step-by-step explanation plus some tricks and tips to better dance this coreography.

We tried to make the things as smooth as possible to have FUN and JOY...and if you are going to loose up with music...YOU CAN ALSO UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO!

If you decide to learn the choreo, PLEASE! would be GREAT to see your video on Facebook and Instagram using hashtag #SCHOOLDAYS2020. Remember to SHOUT the magic words during the choreo: 'SCHOOL DAYS'! :)

Have fun!

> ROUTINE video
> TUTORIAL video
> MUSIC mp3 format

event reserved to ASD Dusty Jazz APS members.